January 31, 2009

a bagel

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today's saturday.
saturday morning with a bagel is one of the happiest time for me.

dear bagel,
you're much more beautiful in saturday mornings.
sincerely yours,

January 30, 2009


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i've been eager for the blue sky, the warm air, the colorful world so much.
i'm dying of thirst for brightness.

the day before yesterday, i got a pack of strawberries.
it seemed that they had already met spring.
they were fully red and ripe.

i'm waiting for you, spring!

dear strawberries,
i was so green with envy, because you were so red!!!
sincerely yours,

January 29, 2009

a slice of toast

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i think i'm a bread person.
although i was born and raised in one of rice countries, japan, i admit that i prefer bread.

thinking about from when i have been like that, it started quite long long ago, probably from the age i don't have enough memories of myself at.
when i was a child, i had really a sweet tooth, also had an extreme preference for food.
i hardly enjoyed almost anything fixed for lunch and dinner but for breakfast.
my family's breakfast used to be some bread and some more, and breakfast usually had something sweet like fruits jam that cradled my little heart.
from my quite earlier age, i have been a morning person.
i'm good at waking up early in the morning, enjoying my breakfast of bread, being happy from thinking of the day with the first natural light of the day.

so, i think bread is something symbolic, something related to ritual of the day, something like a good-luck charm for me.

dear a slice of toast,
your warmth, your smell, your touch just makes me the happiest person in the world.
so i've been wishing that my true love for you won't be interrupted by celiac disease.
sincerely yours,

January 28, 2009

a red rose

taken with minolta-autocord lll

one day, i got a gift of a red rose.
can you feel its passion and serenity?

a rose, a cup of coffee and the soft light from the sun made me just happy.

it's enough, isn't it?

dear a red rose,
you're the most emotional flower for me.
you always wear profound color, so i can't express it enough.
you're such beautiful.
sincerely yours,

January 26, 2009

red bowls and blue plates

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sometimes imagining as if i were around the table somewhere in the world other than around my table helps me to enjoy my ordinary food.

these red bowls and blue plates came from italy.
well, actually i bought these in portland, oregon last year.
there's a pretty ceramic tableware shop which deals largely in these colorful things made in italy on 23rd street near downtown portland.
since i used to live there for about 1.5 years, i am familiar with the town.
i've kept on visiting there since i said good-bye to the town (maybe 3~4 times a year), and my interest there are shopping things around table, searching for the yummiest bread in the town and hanging around its famous farmers market in summertime.

when i met these hardware on a simple table outside in front of the shop when it has a large sale, i just dreamt of the table in italy.
i closed my eyes, touched the plate and felt its material, inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly, soaked myself in the dry air of itaily, felt the atmosphere of its cheerfulness.
at the completion of this procedure, i decided to take these to my table in idaho.

this is the one of ways of refreshing my table.

dear red bowls and blue plates,
you traveled quite a long distance and finally have gotten a home.
so great welcome to the white cloth spread over my table.
please make yourself comfortable here :)

January 23, 2009

french fries

taken with nikon-fe2

this shot was taken in japan.
while i stayed in japan for about 3 weeks last autumn, i went to one cafe twice.
firstly my friend who i met for the first time (we became friends through each other's blogs and flickr) introduced me to this pretty cafe in my hometown, and i went there again with my mom and husband because i really liked this place.

i'm not really a big fan of french fries, but i ate that at both visits.
for the first time she orderd and we shared it, second time i orderd for a huge-fun-of-potatoes guy (my husband ;)).
for both time we asked to sprinkle some vinegar on them, and that definitely made this fries much yummier, i believe.
thinness of potatoes, crispness of its skin, subtlety of taste, ..... all those combination and its beautiful balance were just beyond description!

dear french fries,
since i live in idaho, i was so proud of you as if my son had made success in japan. (actually i don't have any children ;)) )
it was a great moment that i missed my pretty idaho.
thank you french fries for making me to be sure of love for my land and idaho potatoes.
sincerely yours,

January 22, 2009

a flowery plate

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i got this plate at an antique shop in the next town to my town.
it cost only $3 or something.
it's cheap for its good condition and its pretty flowery pattern, isn't it?
beyond all these good things, it has its most fascinating thing on its back.
can you imagine?
do you want to see?
no, i can't show it to you, sorry.
because it's an love letter from some gentleman to some lady written on some lovely day in old days.
in honor of being given this plate, i have to protect this gentleman's love to her.
it was written with black pen, so i'v tried not to fade that out when i wash this plate.
this plate is such a most romantic plate i've ever met.

dear flowery plate,
i'm sure that flower is always the best present from gentlemen to ladies.
btw, could you tell me if his love fruited or not? ;)
sincerely yours,

french bread

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the simpler, the better.
this rule always is adopted to me.
talking about bread, i prefer leaner bread than rich ones like croissant, brioche, focaccia... any other bread contain a lot of dairy stuff or oil or eggs.
of all kinds of bread, i love french bread and bagels the most.
their ingredients are so simple.
they are only flour, water, a little bit salt.
the more you chew, the sweeter it gets.
i love this simple incident that happens in my mouth.
i satisfactorily feel its gorgeousness.
last year i totally stack to bagels, so this year i'll do to french bread more.

here's one of my favorite way to enjoy that.
it was from my local grocery market which situate next to my apartment.
this was a " ready to oven" one, so after taking it to my home i put that into my 350°F-preheated oven and baked it for about 12 minutes.
i knifed its hot body, then stuffed some sliced cucumber and some sliced almond cheese.
i don't take much dairy products other than low-fat or non-fat ones. ( 'cause my tummy easily gets hurt by dairy's fat and sugar ;) )

dear french bread,
i love the way you scatter your skin so gorgeously with your fresh smell when i bite you.
i hope i meet you everywhere i travel this year.
sincerely yours,

January 21, 2009

a sweet omelet

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when i was little, my mom used to make this sweet omelet for my favorite days, like my b-day, christmas day, what else?..... , gosh i don't remember well, but anyway for a little special days.
inside of eggs, there are some veggies that are boiled, then sauteed lightly with only salt and pepper.
tender potatoes, thinly sliced carrots (cause mom doesn't like carrots!), sweet onions, sometimes diced fishcakes.
talking about eggs, she put 1~2 tbsp of white sugar per egg!!
yep, it's really sweet, but i liked that very much.
now i don't use much sugar when i cook eggs, but i sometimes can't help wanting this sweet omelet.

you know, sweet things we ate in our childhood always connect us to our mom's eternal loves to us :)

dear a sweet omelet,
i'll never forget how you were sweet forever :))
sincerely yours,

January 20, 2009

an apple

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here's my most favorite fruit, an apple.
i chose this picture for my first posting because i thought that it is the most proper subject to talk about when i start something new.
everytime i hold an apple in my palm, i feel so sweet, warm, energetic, ....
yes, the start of something must be along with all such feelings.
and also today is the hopeful start of the u.s's history, isn't it?
in this inaugural day, a ripe red apple was chosen honorably :)

btw, talking about apples, i love "gala", "red delicious", "golden delicious" the most of all apples.
those texture is soft, not too crisp, the taste is mildly sweet, mildly tart.
i love to eat those by whole, bite them in a wild way.
that action makes me feel as if i were a wild animal.
it's pretty to feel i'm the simple part of this earth.
ok, i tell you the truth, most of time other than i'm outside i cut them ;)
but i know that the taste are a bit different each other between those two way.

dear an apple,
i love you very much especially in wintertime, because you're so gorgeous.
sincerely yours,