July 13, 2009

thai cuisine

taken with nikon-fe2

2~3 weeks ago, one saturday afternoon, i went to the thai restaurant in my town with my husband for our lunch.
we seldom eat out (approx. once in 2~3 months other than during trip).
as we are vegetarian, it's much easier to fix something in my house.
so this was the first time after we had a vacation in italy in this may.

as you who like asian cuisine have already known, you can choose your meat from couple of option, like " pork or chicken or shrimp or tofu, $1 added for shrimp".
and besides, you can chose fried tofu or steamed tofu, if you choose tofu.
i like shrimp the most, but i want to be frugal for my lunch, so i usually choose steamed tofu for my thai food.
for that day's lunch, i decided to have a pad-thai ( with steamed tofu) set from lunch special.
in that affordable restaurant, they have quite good selection, probably 12~15 option for lunch set menu ( all the set menu come with a cup of egg soup and steamed/fried rice).
the picture above is the plate that i had, pad-thai and fried rice.
they all were so delicious, and pretty good price too! ( i don't remember exactly how much, but i'm sure all the lunch menu cost less than $8 :)) )

probably i'll go back there in this year, and i can say this is the very honor for them because we seldom eat out!

dear thai cuisine,
i love your subtle flavor of sweetness, hotness and sourness!
and i also love your pretty elephant pattern i can see around everywhere in your restaurant.
i have loved elephant the most in zoo since i was a child :))


July 7, 2009

some recent favorites

taken with nikon-fe2

finally hot summer has arrived in our land.
i was afraid that i could have summer this year because of cool spring and early summer, even though i'd hated summer.
but now, i have enough summer heat and i think my body and soul are enjoying that very much!
probably i won't say " i don't like summer." this year. ( i'm not sure next and following years... )

btw, i 'm enjoying taking pictures inside the house these days.
my favorite way to spend summer is being stuck inside the house and staring at brilliant light and sparkling greens outside.
i'm also enjoying mild bluish light that occupies in the room.
and for all pictures above, which i took with a film camera, they all got that bluish tone.
it may be partly because of the characteristic of the film i used ( lomography 100).
i think almost all of you have had the idea that the color of blue doesn't make food looks delicious, and have i.
but here, i don't think these pictures aren't bad very much, aren't they?
probably our eyes are eager for this tone under this hot weather :))

ok, i'll explain these pictures simplily.
clockwise from upper left, 

a: cubed watermelon which a friend of mine gave me. the jar right side has salt in it. in japan, it is a popular way to eat watermelon to sprinkle a pinch of salt over it. the saltiness makes it much sweeter. but watch out for your blood pressure ;)

b: red plums. usually i don't cut them, but bite them. keep them fully cold in a fridge, and just bite them. that's the pleasure of summer :)

c: i love this simple tomato and cream cheese bagel sandwich with this vivid light blue plate. especially in summer :)

d: my bagel had a big hole. that's not fun at all ;)

so, have fun summer experience with your favorite blues!
(today, no love letter. oh, but you remember? the plate in "b" has a love letter with its back :) )