October 27, 2010

chocolate marshmallow

(taken with sx-70 on 600 film)

leaves are now turning yellow and red, and that's the typical sign of autumn.
but i can't help feeling winter has been already here.
it's cold, too cold for me to think it's still autumn.

today i came across this polaroid.
and i liked this dark brown color box, which contain individually packaged chocolate marshmallow.
it seems to be one of fabulous symbols of autumn and winter.
i think i love brown and beige so much especially this time of the year.

speaking about my current situation, i'm still working on a lot of things to be done in a new home.
i just finished the bathroom yesterday.
new tile floor, wall, toilet bowl, vanity, mirror and light fixture (almost everything except the bath tub) are very good.
i'm so much satisfied with the result and i'm going to have a bathroom party with my friends who helped us a lot.
we're going to celebrate our own work with some food and drink.
i'm not sure if the party is held in the bathroom or not.
i don't think it's annoying even if so, because almost everything is new!
just weird, isn't it? ;P

well, i hope you all are enjoying the beautiful shift of the season.
don't miss pretty turning leaves!

October 11, 2010

a new life, again

(taken with sx-70 on 600 film)

how've you been up to?
i've been cleaning and organizing rooms, painting wall tirelessly, working on a back garden with a hundred year old maple tree in the center, watching hgtv(home and garden tv) at meals and slamming myself on the bed every night.
so, my new life in the new home has begun.

this morning, i was working on my garden.
the air was crisp and fresh, the morning sun ray was bright and full of hope, leaves were floating slowly from branches to the ground.
that was definitely a beautiful morning work.
and now, i'm sipping a cup of coffee and relaxing.

i'm still bit nervous as well as my cats, a lot dull because of accumulation of tiredness.
and so much excited with the new life.

i have this for the first time in last 6 years.
before, my husband i used to move a lot.
we lived in 12 homes including temporary ones, if my memory is correct, after we got married.
and i think this is likely to be the ultimate one, because we bought this house!

there're a lot of things to be done to get accustomed to this new life for us.
but this situation is not annoying at all but exciting a lot.
i hope i can write something yummy around the new kitchen and dining area soon.