August 12, 2009

an interesting play with croissants

taken with contax-rts

one sunday morning in July, i finally did an "イタリアごっこ ( italy-gokko)" which is a japanese word means " imitating italian way".
it's really hard to explain this word because it has a very personal meaning and a very curious to call that way.
so, i'll try to explain that the easiest way.
1, my husband i had a trip to italy last may, and we ate a croissant and a cup of cappuccino for our breakfast everyday there.

2, we seldom eat croissants for our breakfast usually.

3, we are missing italy very much since we visitted there.

4, "ごっこ(gokko)" is a japanese name for some kind of play in which kids can pretend to be someone they want to be.

5, so, my husband and i came up with a new play and that is "イタリアごっこ(italy-gokko)".
we eat croissants with cups of cappuccino for our breakfast when we do that pretty play!

now, you understand that.

then i'll teach you how to do that. ( everyone has to have their own favorite way to do that, but below is a very helpful suggestion for you.)

1, you have to get 1~7 croissants ( depends on the number of your family. but you know, 1 is still great to do this play :) ) on one sunny saturday afternoon at your local bakery shop.
if you have a french style bakery shop in your neighborhood, that'd be great!! 
in our case, fortunately we have the one in downtown :)  hooray!!
( please don't ask me why french even though you do the play related to italy. i still don't know if eating a croissant for breakfast is popular in italy or not. and speaking of croissants, i believe french ones are the best of all.)

2, on sunday morning, it's so nice if the weather is good.
but you know, we can't choose the weather ;) ,so let's do the play even though it rains.
just one caution, you can't sleep over once you decide to do this play.
our case, we wake up about 7 weekends and i think that's enough :))

3, prepare a pot of espresso and foamed milk (our choice is unsweetend soy milk) while preheating your oven.
don't forget to put everything you need ( 'nutella' is necessary, i think) on your table with clean table cloth.
on this step, you'll probably feel tired from series of bustle.
but please remember this, you're still before the play and you're just preparing for the most excited play for your precious sunday morning :)
need patience, ok?

4, now's the time to put croissants (or a croissant) into the preheated oven.
don't put them on the top rack but lower as possible.
you don't bake or burn those but just warm those up.

5, congrats!, you're ready to play "イタリアごっこ" now.
let's enjoy this bewitching play and indulge in that sweetness :))

now i'm a bit tired as i was too much excited with typing all above, i'll skip my love letter today.