July 30, 2010

today's dinner is ready under the chandelier.

(taken with nikon f on kodak pro 160c)

today, i'm not going to say much about having been posting new posts everyday recently.
i'm just proud of myself for being a desirable blogger.
please don't tease me about this even if i quit to be after this post, kind readers!

today, i'm so thrilled with my dinner.
i have been dreaming for 3 nights what i'm going to eat tonight.
why am i thrilled so much?
because, tonight i'm going to have a dinner party whose attendant is only one person, me!
my husband is not going to participate in because he has an outdoor picnic party with his co-workers.

for some people, this may sound strange.
they probably don't understand me.
i know that, but i'm just happy to eat my dinner by myself.
because i can eat whatever and whenever i want.
i don't have to bother myself to try to fix something which is going to please the eaters (usually him and me).
every decision is on me!
what a freedom!!

as he and i seldom eat out for our dinner, that means i cook every single night.
i don't really cook with 100% of elaboration and imagination, they sometimes are very simple and easy.
but, everyday.
like people need saturday and sunday so that they feel like to work and enjoy that on coming monday, i just need those kind of rest for my cooking life.
could you understand me?

so, i feel as if today's personal dinner party would be held under the chandelier like a top picture.
very elegant and a bit decadent dinner party.
doesn't that sound cool?

i've already fixed something for the party.
i cooked eggs.
two hard boiled eggs.
i'll keep one for him for his tomorrow breakfast.
what else?
no, wait, wait!
so, this party's important part is here.
no plan, no preparation and no obligation!

have a great dinner for the celebration of the beginning of the weekend, guys!
i'll enjoy my party tonight, too. :))

July 29, 2010

where is my favorite bagel?

(taken with sx-70 on polaroid 600)

i don't know if i should apologize this or not, but now i 'm unprecendentedly a frequent blogger ever since this place was opened.
and i'm kind of sorry for the people who are expecting me to update a new post every once in a while or rather once in a blue moon.

so, why am i doing this?
that's an easy question.
i'm ridiculously apprehensive of the number of the post listed under the archive on the side bar.
i sometimes failed but i've tried to keep to make the number of at least 3~4 for each months as possible as i can.
this month, i almost failed, but now i'm making up for at the last minute.
and although i don't know what i've been trying this for, and what this is going to bring me, i dare not to care about these question.
please allow me for this whimsical and ununderstandable attitude, and i hope you patiently keep up with my scattered posts.

well, let's talk about bagels.
as some of readers here have already known about it, i've been a big fan of bagels.
and there used be my most favorite bagels, but they are gone now.
they were baked at a super market next to my apartment ( how it was convenient!), but they changed their famous ( to me, at least) bagel's dough.
i'm sure this incident must be one of the biggest 10 news of the year for me, and i was crushed so hardly such way.
no more my most favorite bagels in the world.
that's sad.
simply saddest.

since that nightmare happened, i tried to accept this sadness in an adult like way ( if i had been allowed to do that, i must have cried and yelled and thrashed around from the biggest chagrin in front of the bakery corner of the super market in a childish way.).
i have kept searching for next my favorite bagels.
and so far, that research has not fruited.
i know that it's going to take some time, and i shouldn't be impatient, but it's really challenging.
if you have kindly read the second last post, you've already known that i kind of believe the power of breakfast.
and as my breakfast is always with a bagel, this situation is tough.
poor me.

well, i'm going to keep on doing this reserch (or i'd rather call this a "mission".).
sometime soon, i'll make a report about this.

thank you for having spared your time for me.
see you soon.


July 28, 2010

my red toaster was on a not my table one day.

(taken with hasselblad 500c on rdp lll)

it's still cool.
as i learned yesterday that i shouldn't blog afternoon this season, i'm blogging early in the morning today.
the tempreature is something around 70 degrees, so it's pretty comfortable.

i said in the second last post after quite a long hiatus from the third last post that i haven't had anything remarkable so far this summer in regard to how i have been up to .
and now, i have to say that it haven't been really such.
not very exciting but kind of something fun, i had at the very beginning of this month.
i traveled around south utah by driving with my husband.
i spent 4 nights there after a dreadful long drive, and needless to say, i did the same dreadful thing on my way to home.

i had known that we would not have proper breakfast on an important beginning of a day during the trip, i dared to put my 5-year-old red toaster into our luggage secretly.
i don't know how my husband felt when he found this pretty toaster, which was supposed to be on our kitchen counter, in our luggage which laid over on a collapsible chair in a hotel room, i'm confident that he must have appreciated my strange idea when we bit crisply toasted bagel for our breakfast.

for me, the most important meal of the day is breakfast.
wherever, whenever and whatever breakfast.
you can describe me as " tomily's religion is something related to breakfast."
yes, i would believe in the god of breakfast, if it existed.
so i can't make little of breakfast even though i'm not at home.

well, i was so happy that i was able to have pretty breakfast in cheap hotel rooms each days of the trip like i have everyday at my home.
the only different thing from usual mornings was that he baked a bagel for me and him.
that was wonderful!!
i had known that i would be happier with that than we ate something well-made luckily at a local cafe or something unwanted at an affordable restaurant.
something usual but just a bit unusual is very good for me when i'm in a really unusual situation like a trip. :))

dear mr. red toaster,
i met you at a small but having quite a large variety kitchen gadget shop in a small pretty town in central idaho.
as soon as i recognized you at a shelf which a lot of electric kitchen tools are arranged, i noticed i would need you in my everyday life.
now, 5~6 years have past since then, and you're still young and lovely.
i just like your job and your looks.
thank you for having given me thousands of pretty mornings. :)

sincerely yours,

July 27, 2010

a delicious lunch at a simple table outside

(taken with nikon f on kodachrome 64)

it's hot.
the hotness kind of i dislike; humid hottness is here.
i don't know if this weather reminded me of something i ate in italy last may or not, i was thinking of this simple food from a small pretty shop anyhow.
i didn't come up with the name of this at first, so i looked it up on web.
the clue for that was only first some letters of the name, pia.
the name of this food must be pia+something.

first, i tried "piandini".
i can't explain where i got this idea, but this sounds like italian, doesn't it?
unfortunately, it just hit few notes about starbucks' new menu of sometime of 2009.

then i thought about how italian name works.
the words which end with "i" mean the plural version of something, i think.
so, i typed "piandina" next ( the words which end with "a" are defined as single, well, i hope so ;) ), and searched.
i got the right name!
yeah, it actually is "piadina" for its official name ( doesn't need "n" in the middle of the word), but thanks to the kindness of a nowaday's able advanced civillization, the google asked me " do you mean 'piadina' ? ".
i was not sure at that time, but i nodded hard with a high expectation.

all above is what happened this morning.

i might have rememberd what i wore when i ate this simple piadina.
this blue and white striped one-piece dress is the perfect image for cooling down my heated brain, i think.
or more possibly, i should've remembered how a cold bottled light beer, which i had with this piadina even though i had fairly high fever at that time, had tasted sooooo good.
today's hotness reminds me of this piadina like those ways.

piadina is very simple quick food. ( i'd rather use "quick" than "fast" because of a nuance "fast" has in regards to food.)
it's like a taco or a pita, something is sandwiched in between folded-in-half warmed thin flat bread.
mine had slices of fresh buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes and rucola.
i was handed that being put in a transparent plastic bag and wrapped up with a paper, in case the water mozzarella would produce messed my hands and clothes up.
i was impressed with that small but big thoughtfulness.
my husband i ate our each own piadinas ( should i use "piadini" here? :)) at the simple table arranged outside the shop.
it was so tasty, healthy and italian!!

well, i found this tiny shop accidentally.
just after we reached arezzo, which is one of the famous towns of tuscany, and checked in at a hotel and left our heavy luggage, we went out for hanging around that pretty medieval town.
then we walked by this shop, but we passed through at first.
as it was almost the time for lunch, and my mostly reliable insight told me that the shop we passed through must have been somewhere i shouldn't have missed.
then we went back to the site, and entered in a still dark and quiet shop. ( it looked like just had opened that day.)
although there had been only one other customer than us, as we ate ours outside, some local residents started to go in and out busily.
i made sure that my instinct was right because of a delicious piadina itself and the population of the local patrons.

so now, i notice that i feel much hotter than when i started to write this story because of the heat my computer produced.
i'm pretty not sure what i wanted to do here this hot afternoon.

stay cool, friends!
i'll skip a love letter today, 'cause i want to be away from this heated computer asap. ;P

July 23, 2010


(taken with polaroid 180 on blue film)

summer has been already here for a while.
i can't remember what i said about the season in the last post.
so, i'm admittedly a scattered blogger.
sorry, friends.

a lot of things happened since.
but nothing big at all.
time just passed by with some summer fruits.

i like white peaches, white nectarines, watermelons ( not eaten this summer yet, though), and so on.
of all pretty summer fruits, i especially like cherries in terms of linguistics.
how it is pronounced and the sweetness its pronunciation renders are beyond description.
"peach" is good at, too.
but "cherry" is the best.

and another point which is deserving special mention of cherries is that some of them appear as twins before me.
when i grab one small soft ball of cherry, its thin string sometimes pull another identical buddy.
i'm instantly pleased with that unexpected incident.
twin is iressistible, isn't it?
since i was a child, i have wished if i had been born as a twin.

well, which do you prefer rainier or black kinds?
the ones in the top picture are rainier which i bought second last this season.
i like their gradation of the color from pale yellow to vivid red.
i love the bold and kind of antique color of black ones, too.
so, i love both, and which i prefer depends on my mood.

one regrettable thing is here.
black cherries i bought last were not good.
disappointingly not good at all.
i have to make it up with next shopping of either cherries in my mood after sampling one or two.
i'm sure that sampling is necessity for buying good fruits. ( last time when i bought not-good-cherries, i skipped sampling.)

hope you have happy fruity summer :))

dear cherries,
you're such sweet that remind me of the dream of my childhood of being a twin.
i knew that i wasn't able to be anymore, but i wished.
hope you aren't been apart from your identical brothers or sisters.
love you.