April 30, 2010

the pizza sitting on a table other than mine

taken with mamiya m645 on ektar100

hi guys.
do you thinik i'm improved a bit?
do you think i finally became a frequent blogger?
i hope so.

so today's story is also from the one i had in portland.

do you remember that i have been looking forward to eating pizza on every sundays which my husband makes for me?
i really love that pizza, and i don't eat any other pizza than that..... oh, correctly, i had not eaten.
i committed the affair ;P
while i stayed in portland, my hubby and i went to a brew and pizza place.
there is a brew pub we've been fallen in love and whose name is "laurelwood".
there're two locations in portland, and we usually go to the one on 23rd street.
so we went there first as usual, but only found that it's gone!!!
we're so shattered and went to another one in hollywood district, and this one is the brew and pizza place where we went this time.
our soul was lingering on our favorite one, but at the same time we felt happy to have a chance to visit another one because we had been so much interested in their specialized pizza served there.
needless to say, we ordered 2 pints of our most favorite beer in portland, whose name is "free range red", and pizza margherita in 15 inch.

i prefer my husband's pizza.
i love his most.
beer was good as usual, pizza was also good, but i love his.

i asked the girl who brought a pizza to us what happened to our favorite place and she said that it had been under the reconstruction because of its oldness and planned to be reopened in this April (so, it must've been by now).
well, we love that place because the place was old, actually it had originally been someone's granny's small pretty old house.
i hope the renovation was limited to minimum.

dear my pizza,
now i really know where my pizza is.
i'll wait you on my table :))
sincerely yours,

April 28, 2010

my favorite in portland (or)

taken with mamiya m645 on portra400nc

as you've already known that, i've also known that i'm a bad blogger here.
and i don't have any recognizable reason for that, so i don't excuse for that.
simply, i'm sorry that i'm such an unimproved bad blogger, friends ;P

i wrote at the last post that i should've write something about my favorite winter fruit, persimmon for the next post, or correctly i should've write something before my favorite winter fruit went away.
and now, the season has apparently and totally gone away, you know.
so for today's post, i prepared some pictures about my habitual spring food event.
the name of the event is "visit portland, drink and eat something fancy!"
i think some of you've known that portland, oregon is one of the famous city for craft beer.
there're tons of micro breweries here and there, and it's so hard to tell which beer is the best.
i can just tell you my favorite, not the no.1.
by the way, why the event "visit portland, drink and eat something fancy" is my habitual spring event is this, the weather condition in my area usually doesn't allow me to go somewhere out of town in winter, and portland is the city which is the nearest big city to my area, and my naturopathic doctor lives in and i keep on seeing her twice a year.
to sum up all these reasons, portland is the symbol of spring for me :)

in this spring trip there, i went some of my favorite breweries to get fancy beer and food.
today's picture was taken at the bridgeport brewery in pearl district in downtown portland.
i went there for lunch of the 1st day of the trip.
my husband and i got up terribly early in the morning, drove damn 427 miles (683km), reached there just before noon with exhaustion.
before having lunch, i lightly strolled about the famous saturday market around the portland state university and took some pictures.
this is my favorite activity and during all the boring winter time in my town i had been looking forward to doing this.
then i went to the brewery.
so you can easily imagine how this glass of beer tasted!!
it was just nectar, and i felt that here's the obvious reason god loves us.
do you think i'm too much excited and exaggerate the thing?
wait, wait, and please understand my situation.
this happened all after the 4-months-cabin fever and the damn long drive!!

as i used to live in portland for 11/2 years about 5 years ago, i know the town very much.
and i still love there.
and i still have a secret ambition for buying our house there.....
anyway, this was not the first time for us to dine in at the bridgeport brewery.
i had been longing its homemade soft pretzels for long time and i ordered and shared this with my husband this time.
it came with 2 kinds of dippings, one is mildly hot cream cheese made with their beer, the other is their original mustard also had the hint of the note of their beer.
i loved the way this 3 small pretzels were served.
it was just the right way to be served along with their delicious beer.

other than pretzels, we ordered a fish tacos plate.
it was also delicious and fancy in color.
the reason why i want to return to this brewery restaurant is i can notice that chefs here select their ingredients carefully from fresh seasonal produce.
and i believe how much they add heat, process and season is limited to minimum range so that the fresh ingredients don't lose their original taste.
as a result, i think the eaters can appreciate the gifts from the earth, and feel as if they're told how to enjoy food and lives.
right food and drink should be like that, shouldn't they?

dear bridgport brewery,
i wish i lived on your attic!
seriously love you.

this is the fish tacos plate. two fish tacos (for each, grilled salmon with diced mango, fresh salsa and sour cream on 2 small soft corn tortillas) came with steamed white rice and black beans. a small cup of guacamole on the side.