March 15, 2011

Notice about moving

Today I have something to notice you.

This blog has been consolidated into one with my another japanese blog, flower child.
And the new place is here.

I've already started the new place, and now it has two languages, English and Japanese for one picture.
I hope you'll come to see me there.

With leaving here, I want to say many thanks to you all who has been with me here till now.
Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.


March 11, 2011











This morning, I was violently stunned with the images of Japan.

It was crying over the damages the strong earthquake had made.

Muddy streams were washing the land and furious fire were raging.

Houses, cars and creations by people were devastatingly broken and laid mercilessly.

Japan was crying, and is still crying now.

I just wish our people over there are safe.

Wish as many lives as possible are saved.

Wish they have their families safe, home to go back, food and water to live.

Wish the fear they've just experienced is consoled.

Even though all I can do here in the U.S. might be just praying, I'll never stop praying.

I'll be with them.

Please, please, please our people in Japan, be patient, be strong, don't give up.

March 7, 2011

Past pictures with Pen-FT -vol.2

As I told you last time, here's another 10 of pictures taken with Olympus Pen-FT in early summer of 2009.
They are actually from test rolls for the camera after having gotten it.

When I got these images back from photo service, I wasn't able to like them very much and I've left them till yesterday. (Though some of them were uploaded on either of flickr or blogs.)
Then yesterday, I started to like them when I looked over past pictures and found them from a bunch of past images.
I think you can understand how this sort of things happen.
Just time and the whimsical feeling can bring you this happening.

I took some pictures with Pen-FT recently and I've already had the film developed and seen all the images.
They look way far different from pictures above in color and focus, though I didn't figure out what elements exactly affected it. (But I guess it's maybe because I didn't rely on the light meter of the camera, but trusted on my own sense for exposure, and chose rather medium aperture (like from f4 to f8) to get fairly good range of depth of the field this time.)

I think I'm going to use Pen-FT more often than ever.
Now I don't dislike the pictures Pen-FT renders at all.

Have a nice week, guys. :)

March 6, 2011

Past pictures with Pen-FT -vol.1

Are you having a restful weekend?
I hope all you guys are enjoying the first weekend of March.

This morning I talked about photography with my husband over breakfast.
And I was suddenly inclined to look over past pictures after that and came across these taken with Olympus Pen-FT.
These are from the trip to Northwest in the summer of 2009.
In very first day of the trip, I met the camera at a photo shop which I always visit whenever I stay in Portland.
And though I didn't have any plan to buy a camera at that time, I couldn't help myself wishing if it were to be in my old camera collection.
So I got that and started to use in the trip immediately.

I don't have much to say about the pictures above.
I just wanted to make sure how this camera takes lovely images.
I picked and am showing you first 10 today, and I'll show you another 10 in the next post.

I hope they add some extra on your weekend.
Have the good rest of weekend.

March 5, 2011

The Oscar night and the feast

A week ago, My husband and I had a very good excuse to have another feast.
The Oscar night.

We didn't watch almost any movies that had nominated, but the event gave us the feeling of festivity enough.
We shopped for a bottle of cheap but our favorite champaign earlier the day.
And we didn't have to think much about what to eat, because it was Sunday.
On every single Sunday we eat pizza, and the day's pizza was "pizza ai tre formaggi". (not quattro. I didn't have four kinds. ;P)
We didn't forget arugula for our cheese pizza as always.

I really like to follow the Italian way to eat our course.
Appetizer first, pizza second and finish with salad.
Salad, especially if it has some refreshing fruits in it, always washes our mouth, especially when you've eaten cheesy dish before it.
I fixed grapefruits and olive salad, and the dressing was made from the juice of grapefruits, maple syrup, salt and pepper.

For the appetizer, I didn't buy anything special but placed ordinal things lying around the fridge.
I just made smoked salmon dip for boiled broccolis and carrots.
The narrow and long white plate, which I've possessed for 8~9 years, is very good for pickled veggies and olives.

The feast was very good, and I don't remember much about the Oscar nor watched till end of the show. ;)