March 5, 2011

The Oscar night and the feast

A week ago, My husband and I had a very good excuse to have another feast.
The Oscar night.

We didn't watch almost any movies that had nominated, but the event gave us the feeling of festivity enough.
We shopped for a bottle of cheap but our favorite champaign earlier the day.
And we didn't have to think much about what to eat, because it was Sunday.
On every single Sunday we eat pizza, and the day's pizza was "pizza ai tre formaggi". (not quattro. I didn't have four kinds. ;P)
We didn't forget arugula for our cheese pizza as always.

I really like to follow the Italian way to eat our course.
Appetizer first, pizza second and finish with salad.
Salad, especially if it has some refreshing fruits in it, always washes our mouth, especially when you've eaten cheesy dish before it.
I fixed grapefruits and olive salad, and the dressing was made from the juice of grapefruits, maple syrup, salt and pepper.

For the appetizer, I didn't buy anything special but placed ordinal things lying around the fridge.
I just made smoked salmon dip for boiled broccolis and carrots.
The narrow and long white plate, which I've possessed for 8~9 years, is very good for pickled veggies and olives.

The feast was very good, and I don't remember much about the Oscar nor watched till end of the show. ;)


akane said...

Wow, bright and clear, totally different from the photos I took with my Pen-F!
It's because of lens, or light? Or film? Anyway, all the food look really yum-yum:)) Oh, I guess they are all yummy!
Sima eats bread and cheese, pizza (without onion nor garlic). Ah, she also loves potato chips!! How about your kitties?

tomily said...

Yeah, I myself was surprised these bright color!!
The lens is the original f1.8/38mm, and the film I used was Fuji Superia 400, so everything is just usual and normal.
When I scanned the negative, I allowed it to be corrected according to the suggested color correction, so it maybe because of that.
And also, I took these at slightly under exposure setting, and it might have rendered colorfulness, or not...
Anyway, I don't know why, either!!!

Sima-san is really on Eastern diet, isn't she? ;)
We've never fed our 3 cats other than their カリカリ, but I'm sure they all are interested in our food!!