March 6, 2011

Past pictures with Pen-FT -vol.1

Are you having a restful weekend?
I hope all you guys are enjoying the first weekend of March.

This morning I talked about photography with my husband over breakfast.
And I was suddenly inclined to look over past pictures after that and came across these taken with Olympus Pen-FT.
These are from the trip to Northwest in the summer of 2009.
In very first day of the trip, I met the camera at a photo shop which I always visit whenever I stay in Portland.
And though I didn't have any plan to buy a camera at that time, I couldn't help myself wishing if it were to be in my old camera collection.
So I got that and started to use in the trip immediately.

I don't have much to say about the pictures above.
I just wanted to make sure how this camera takes lovely images.
I picked and am showing you first 10 today, and I'll show you another 10 in the next post.

I hope they add some extra on your weekend.
Have the good rest of weekend.


akane said...

Here they are! My favorite "Pen" photos:))
I hope you'd not mind my saying this, but I prefer the photos in today's post. Lovely, filmy, "Penny" images that I have had in mind. The green colors look so tender in particular:))

My new weak just started. Rainy, gray Monday:(( I have to lift my spirits up with something...

tomily said...

Hey, Akane-chin.:))
I kinda expected you'd like these Pen photos.
When first I got these images, I couldn't understand the "味" lying on these photos and disliked them.
They looked totally different at that time.
But now, to my surprise, they don't look that bad and furthermore they're growing on me!!

Speaking of new approach, I'm totally surprised with your purchase of Canon 5D and the pictures you took with it!!