September 29, 2010

coffee break

(taken with contax rts on superia 400)

how've you been up to?
i've been continuously exhausted for some reason.
so many things are still going on and a cup of coffee tastes so good.

though i haven't had much fun around the table, i popped in for updating the picture and words here.
it seems to refresh me as well as this place.

well, do you remember that i told you about couple months ago that i wasn't able to enjoy coffee any more?
after the trip to italy in last may, i had been in that situation because of the hurt throat. (the throat has been my weak point by nature and whenever my heath condition is down, i easily tend to lose my voice.)
but now, i think my throat has fully healed over and coffee is enjoyable again.
i switched my drink with breakfast from coffee to tea at that time and it's still effective now, but a cup of coffee in late morning entertains me a lot recently.
i'm simply glad about the comeback of the joy of coffee.

i hope you're doing very well with your favorite drink in this transitional climate.
talk to you soon.

September 23, 2010

what i want now

(taken with mamiya m645 on tmy400, developed and printed by me.)

.... might be a cup of hot cocoa with whipped cream in a heavy big cup.
i'm not really whipped cream with one's drinks on top person.
but somehow, i'm in the mood of wanting it.
i want something fluffy, white and sweet now.

oh, hi.
i've been terribly tired recently in the midst of moving.
i'm sure that my arms are getting more and more muscle on them.
hunting for free cardboard boxes, hanging around the Home depot for a while and being asked if i'm doing ok, and packing our stuff with feeling i'll never reach the end are my current daily basis.
speaking of getting free cardboard boxes, that is kinda messy job.
i sometimes have to reach my hand or step into the big garbage container, and that makes me be suspected by passersby.
i feel as if i were doing something i can't or don't wanna tell about to my mother or friends. (well, it's kinda that sort of thing.)

i'm working very hard this way.
and i want a big relief with something fancy and pretty, like a cup of cocoa with whipped cream.

btw, here's a small list of my current favorites on the kitchen counter. (yes, i've been eating every single meal there for almost 1 month now):
-a cup o coffee with m&m's (i like peanut one the best.)
-friday and saturday night of college football games, sunday and monday night of nfl games with finger food and beer
-weekend breakfast with cheap sound music from i-pod and a $10 mini speaker

i think i can come up with more favorites if i think about them more, but now i don't have much time to do that.
and i'm sorry for those left me kind comments with encouragement that i didn't reply to them.
i hope i'll soon be able to spend more time here. :)

September 18, 2010

something indigestible (and irritating me)

(taken with nikon f on portra 160nc)
still dark before the dawn, on saturday.
i wasn't able to sleep very well last night and this morning.
i went to bed at 9 last night and woke up at 12, and back to bed at 3 and up finally at 6.
no good sleep.

i have a lot of reason for that.
and main cause of that is that i was upset and shouted at someone in the very midst of my to be peaceful friday dinner.
someone who is not my family member, but the guy living under my home. (i'm in the 2nd floor of the apartment building.)
i was so upset that i couldn't help shouting at him (them).
because of the big noise and thud which shook the floor of ours.
i've been totally fed up with that.
and this was the very motivation to buy a house.

after he moved in, we have had this problem.
sometimes not that bad, and other time intolerably bad.
and the worst thing of this is the fact that i have had a big trauma with the noise problem.
my mother and the big (16 years older) half brother, who isn't an actual her son, used to fight over the noise of the music when i was young.
they fought over a lot of trifle things, but the noise had been always there.
and those bruises make them estranged each other for long after my dad's death.
and me, i've been really scared of, intolerant of, nervous about, easily depressed with and hectically furious with it.

but, now what?
i've been so tired of and beaten by the yell i myself gave them after the incident.
shouting or yelling at the people whom i can't really make it up with later is something indigestible.

now, the time of the dawn is coming right there.
the long hectic night is seemingly about to go away.
oh, lord.
i pray with the dawn for a calm last summer weekend.

have a good weekend, guys.

September 17, 2010

a bagel in the dark

(taken with contax rts on kodachrome 64)

what's going on with the climate in your area?
do you feel pretty with it?
i of course do.

but one thing that makes me feel sorry for is the steady darkness in early morning.
now the sun comes out of another side of the world very slow, i have to eat my breakfast bagel in the dark.
it's sad.
now i've already felt that way, and the wonder of what the heck will be going on in the late october makes me feel depressed.

after i came to the rather north side of the u.s., i've been often astonished with the length of the day during summer and the night during winter.
i didn't dislike the natural darkness at all, but i simply feel sorry that i cant's eat my bagels under the brightness of the sun.
i'm sure the sunshine becomes bagels.

the last weekend of the official summer is coming.
hope you all have fun. :)

September 13, 2010

more figs

(taken with sx-70 on 600 film)
it is peaceful monday, again.
i always find monday peaceful, i've noticed it somehow.
of course i love weekend so much, but so much love sometimes gets me tired and confused.
then monday is always peaceful whether it shines or rains, and i'm relieved so much with it.

and, more figs are coming to my fridge as the temperature is going down and the climate is flowing toward fall.
in my area only the co-op sells figs.
i haven't found figs anywhere than the co-op here.
the co-op puts the price tag of $4.99/lb almost always.
i haven't seen so much exception other than only one exception that a couple years ago they were put the $3.99/lb tag on as they were shriveled. (and of course, i bought those shriveled figs!)

though i only go to the co-op on saturdays (and that means i only buy figs on saturdays) because i live a bit far away from it, i think that's good for me to save our money.
i won't forget that i gazed at $4.99/lb price tag and fought with something in my mind so many times from the end of summer through mid-fall as i get old.

i'm still working on a lot of projects, and i'm sure this month is a big monster.
i'm moving out of our apartment to our new house.
we've chosen and bought that.
the long long, seemingly everlasting closing process is going on, and i'm preparing moving into it.
because we've already given a vacation notice to the apartment office, we necessarily move out of here at at least the end of this month.
so, i don't mind that the corner of the living room is now kinda furniture makers' studio as i told you before.
i'm working on furniture as long as possible everyday.
i'm tired, but still full of excitement.
i'm going to move in our new home!!

have a pretty monday!

September 7, 2010

recent favorites around the table (actually not the table but the kitchen counter)

(taken with sx-70 on 600 film)

how was your weekend?
did you have a lot of fun?
i hope you did, and have started the week happily.

i've been busy and tired these days.
a lot of thing are still going on, and i don't have a dining table right now.
as i told you in the last post, i'm working on it.
my dining table isn't ready yet.
one corner of my living room is now like a small studio of furniture makers.
all parts of the table and chairs, rollers and brushes, paints and stains, sand papers, and so on are here and there.
i'll post the before and after picture when the table and i are ready to do it.
thank you for suggesting me to do so, annemarie!

so, we are eating everything at the kitchen counter under the fluorescent light.
yes, the one which is lack of elegance.
but to tell the truth, i don't really dislike eating at the kitchen counter, sitting on the bar chair under the fluorescent light.
it's something unusual, and that makes me a little excited.

and what i'm eating and enjoying these days are:
-oat meal with figs and red onions open egg-white omelet
-a toast topped with tofurky ham and sliced figs and cucumbers
-sliced figgs and low-fat soft cheese grilled sandwich
-a burrito with hummus, avocados and figs
-a small bowl of non-fat plain yogurt topped with diced figs and a little drizzle of maple syrup (or skip maple syrup and add a spoonful of nutella.)

all about figs!
i especially like the combination of figs and coarsely ground pepper.
even over figs and yogurt, i sprinkle pepper.
for the omelet, i like to cook with both hot chili pepper flakes and ground peppercorns.

though i've been busy and tired these days as i've already told you, still happy with figs. :))

September 4, 2010

i'm still here! just in case.

(taken with rolleiflex 3.5a on tmy 400, developed and printed by me)

i'm popping in this early in the morning just in case you're wondering if i'm not here anymore.
nope, noooope at all.
i'm still here and actually tried to make a post yesterday and the day before.
since i've been busy in some project around me, i had to quit blogging in the middle of the post, and left them incomplete these days.

so, one of my projects which are going on now is getting a new look of this dining table.
above is the "before" picture.
i'm not sure what sort of finish i'll get some days later (hopefully at the end of this 3 day weekend) yet.
anyway, i'm working on it hard now. (i'm sanding, sanding and sanding it. it seems to be endless.... ;( )

i've been concerning about the ugly heat white stains and sharp scratches made by my cats here and there for quite a long time, but i've tried not to be nervous about that.
then i finally made up my mind and embarked on the journey of the makeover.
apparently it is going on well, and i'm excited.
please wish a good luck for me, friends!

see you later and have a pretty weekend!