April 24, 2009

soy cafe-latte

taken with polaroid-sx70

i'm so sorry that i've been so lazy here lately.
since the spring has been approaching step by step, i've been busy to adapt my pace to that.
some days it's like an early summer, other days it's still chilly and i have to wrap my body up with bulky clothes which i'd already washed by hand with so much thanks.
i've already knew that the spring is always whimsical, and i can't blame it because i'm much of that ;)

anyway i still appreciate hot drinks.
i'm loving homemade soy-latte these days.
i hate sweetened soy milk, so i use unsweetened one.
this lovely small bubbles tickle me mildly :)
i like to drink this with my little lunch.
looking through the outside with sipping a cup of latte is such a lovely way to enjoy spring.

dear soy-latte,
i'm sometimes heartbroken when milk boil over from a pan while i'm heating it up.
why don't you wait patiently like this year's spring?


April 7, 2009


taken with hasselblad-500c

i'm so sorry that i haven't been here for long time.
i've been busy for planning next vacation lately.
and yes, next our vacation place is the birth place of this cake, tiramisu!
i've been so excited, and also i'm so sorry for this time's disastrous earthquake in the middle part of italy.
since i've tried to know about italy these couple of weeks, i've started to feel deep intimacy for that country.
i hope less damage and puick restoration.

btw, i made this tiramisu for my husband's b-day last february.
he's now so looking foward to eating this in its mecca.
since i'm not fun of this cake, i'm gonna enjoy espresso drink there :)

today, i'll skip a love letter to tiramisu, because i really don't like it very much ;)
i'm sorry ,tiramisu!