October 13, 2009

great pizza in the town (but not for me)

taken with contax-rts, superia200

some of you who have good memories might be curious about today's post, but i'm going to tell you about the experience of having been to the pizza house in my town the other day.
well, as i've already mentioned several times before that i seldom eat out because of my diet.
i don't eat any meat but seafood, also my stomach doesn't accept too oily stuff, too much cheese and garlic.
so, can you come up with any idea for restaurants that i can enjoy in the U.S.?
it's so tough to choose the menu.
maybe i can carefully choose the very menu which doesn't contain meat products, too much oil and too much cheese ( although its selection is so narrow.)
but speaking of garlic, oh no, i don't have any idea how i can eliminate this guy which is full of magic to make food so savory and flavorful.
i think most dishes in restaurants contain garlic to some degree.

and now, i want to talk about pizza.
actually i enjoy pizza every weekend, for dinner on sundays.
without very few exception, i eat one whole small size pizza every sunday.
but i have to tell you this, that pizza is so different.
so original, and so customized.
firstly, my husband knees the pizza dough with 100% whole wheat flour with only water and salt.
no oil in the dough.
secondly, i don't use pizza sauce but spread no-salt-added tomato paste. ( this is the great way to escape from garlic!)
third, i use soy cheese instead of cow cheese.
thankful to these 3 points, i can enjoy our own hand made pizza every sunday.
and i don't think there is any healthier pizza than this! ( we put a lot of veggies on the crust.)

one day, the local paper said that one of the town's oldest pizza house would cerebrates its 20 year anniversary and offer us to get a slice of cheese or pepperoni pizza for a dollar.
my husband, whose stomach is glad to accept cow cheese, was very interested in the article and suggested to go there together.
he went there 2~3 times for his lunch with his co-workers before, and he said he loved their pizza.
as we live in central mountain area, and thick crust pizza have been popular in this area, their thin crust pizza was kind of innovative at the time they started the business in my town.
and they say that this pizza house's pizza still has the thinnest crust here.
although we prefer thin crust pizza, and i know that we sometimes need opportunities and reason to eat out, i hesitated over his suggestion because of apprehension i've talked above.
but we went there.
i surrendered to the phrase "a slice of pizza for a dollar" !!

although my brain surrendered, my stomach didn't allow it.
i got just one small bite.
very sharp triangle part.
but i fully enjoyed its thin crust, heavy cheese and garlicky pizza sauce by that small bite.
my husband ate his and mine with a bottle of bud. (they also offered most domestic beer for a dollar!)
well, even though i didn't enjoy their food, i enjoyed atmosphere a lot.
it was sunday noon, and i enjoyed our pizza at night.

dear pizza,

because my stomach is such picky, i can't eat every pizza, but could you understand how i am excited with our own pizza every sunday night?
i can say this, the sunday pizza gives me to live through coming whole week!