September 17, 2009

fall color

taken with contax-rts

days have passed so quickly.
i have to apologize to my friends who kindly left comments for me and have been looking forward to new post. (especially big apology for having not published precious comments. i thought i successfully did that, but actually didn't.)
i'm so sorry, dear friends.
i was so lazy here lately because i worked so hard on my renewed cooperated website with my husband.
if you're interested in my photo around the table, please check here.
i'm exhibiting some of my tabletop photos with some japanese words. (sorry, no english.)
that place is created as an imaginary cafe on the web.
to tell the truth, i want to my own real cafe in future :)

by the way, i feel fall has been approaching day by day.
the smell of the air has totally changed from that of summer.
i don't see much change visually, but my smell sensor sensitively catches much.
so i'm gradually shifting to fall color on my table.
the photo above shows that obviously, doesn't it?

recently i'm trying to eat whole grain a lot.
even though i sometimes want to skip that heaviness, i still try to stick with that.
few days ago, i met my naturopathic doctor after about 400 mile drive ( she lives in the next state to mine.), and she suggested me to do so.
i have loved every whole grain and also enjoyed that.
but, as some of you have already known, i've loved bagels so much, and i have kept eating bagels almost every morning.
now i quit that.
really. ( she doesn't like me to eat bagels made from white flour. she doesn't even like whole wheat ones.)
so now, i eat a bowl of oatmeal or granola and fruits with low-fat yogurt for my breakfast recently.
and the photo above is one of my lunch.
i made a bowl of instant rice pudding not from scratch but by using ready-to-eat soy pudding.
firstly i heated about 1/2 cup of pre-cooked brown rice with some soy milk in a pan, then cooled it down.
put it in a bowl and mixed with a cup of soy pudding (i love this product so much, especially vanilla flavor! i call this a "panda pudding" :)) ) and add some flavors like cinnamon and nutmeg.
topped with a handful of granola (add crunchiness) and blueberries and blackberries.
as i love the food like for babies, it was so yummy for me :)

now i'm enjoying whole grain in some ways.
and i noticed that whole grain usually have fall color, and that entertains me a lot!

dear whole grain,
i have noticed you're full of energy and nutrition originally, but i sometimes neglected that.
i'm sorry for that.
now i truly love you not only because it's fall and you're wearing fall color, but because i consider my total long-standing health care.
i promise you that i respect you more than before.