February 16, 2010

with an apple

taken with hasselblad 500c on polaroid 669, transfered on a paper.

it's been quite a while since i checked in here last.
another new year has already begun, and now i've got almost accustomed to get along with that.
i hope you're enjoying your new year too.

i celebrated our 11th anniversary with my husband and 2 cats 2 days ago.
it wasn't a much different day than usual weekends, and it was a fun day.
since it felt on sunday this year, we ate our sunday dinner menu, hand-crafted-super-crisp-and-thin-pizza as usual.
we didn't do anything special, especially that of romantic, didn't eat anything fancy, but i want to say this again, we enjoyed our 11th anniversary so much.

today, i posted a picture of an apple here.
when i think of something simple, something pure, something hopeful, i come up with certain symbolic idea an apple has.
on very precious day, i wanted to hold the image of an apple on my mind for my future luck.
and for my celebration for this 11 years.

now, i feel spring is almost here.
do you have any plan for coming spring?
me?, sure, i have.
i have a plan for taking pictures of spring with my husband, as always :))
i wish you all have pretty spring plans.

oh, i cut my hair last night.( literally, i cut by myself ;) )
I said good-bye to my long hair which had hung around my head for 2 years.
now i have a new short-cut hair.
i'm so ready to welcome spring, and i've already felt spring with my neck.

see you soon :))