December 11, 2009

new item of today

taken with Mamiya RB67 on Polaroid peel-apart 690 film

This morning, I was so excited to open a new jar of orange marmalade.
Of all fruits jam and preserves, I love orange marmalade the most, so.
And just imagine the moment that the crisp sound of opening a jar sounds around your favorite table!
It's definitely the happiest morning ritual, isn't it?
I think you've already understood how I was excited as I'm posting two days in row ;))

Tiny happiness of a jar of marmalade:

1, I love opening a new marmalade in a cold and dark cold morning.

2, Sniffing the first scent of marmalade.

3, Spooning and directly bringing that to my mouth, then melting and swallowing very very slowly.

4, Sipping a cup of extra bitter coffee within the bitter sweetness of marmalade still remains in my mouth.

For my today's breakfast, I ate a homemade blueberry oat and bran muffin, a small cup of greek yogurt with a spoonful of marmalade.
It was a very very cold and happy morning :))

Dear marmalade,
I love you, I love you, I love you .....

December 10, 2009

Some excuse around the table with an almost forgotten picture

taken with contax-rts on superia 200

I totally skipped November here.
To those who remember this place and me, I'm sorry that I'm not a frequent blogger this place.
I sometimes tried to update new episodes, but I was lack of power to do that.
Physically I'm OK, and more than OK.
I'm enjoying this wintry weather.
Taking photos of snow, knitting by warm and weak sun beam, drinking a cup of cocoa, reading endlessly long novels.....
Doesn't all sound fun?

So, so, today, I've just jumped in for excusing that I don't really forget this place.
And also I wanted to upload my favorite but missed to have been uploaded picture.
The picture of my favorite fruits of autumn, figs.
A slice of Barvarian pumpernickel bread with reduced fat soft cheese and slices of figs on the plate.
I loved this combination very much this autumn.
Sometimes I ate this for my breakfast, other times for lunch.
Since I'm a such person who wants to eat breakfast-like-meal for whose every meal, I really wanted eat this all the time during autumn. ( but I didn't do that.)
Oh, I'm missing figs so much.
Figs are one of my four most favorite fruits.

And now, I'm enjoying persimmons.
Persimmons are also one of my most favorites.
I'll promise you that I'll update here before the persimmon season go away.

FYI, my two other most favorite fruits are apples and loquats :))

Dear figs,
I don't know why I love you this much.
And I don't know from when I have loved you, because I didn't like you when I was a child.
It sometimes happens, you know.
Anyway I love you, I'm missing you and I'm looking forward to your next season :))
Sincerely yours,