June 22, 2009


taken with nikon-fe2

i'm sorry for this long absence, but i needed that ( as you know).
and i want to express enormous thanks for your warm messages to the last entry.
i haven't written back to a couple of last comments yet ( i'm so sorry), but i've read all and appreciated a lot.
i'll try to keep this place, i've decided finally :))

the photo here is the one of refreshment i had these days.
it seems to be very refreshing, doesn't it?
actually i didn't drink that, but my husband did ;)
it stimulated my eyes a lot, and it was enough for me to have some refreshment.
so i drank a cup of coffee  :D

dear a glass bottle of coke,
you're so nostalgically pretty.
i love your cute round butt :))
sincerely yours,