March 22, 2009

lady finger buiscuits

taken with polaroid-sx70

thin lady finger biscuits and white powder on them.
wow, so subtle, so beautiful, aren't they?
i love their look.

well, talking about lady finger biscuits, i probably make these 1~2, maybe 3 times a year.
baking these biscuits,soaking those in nectar of strong espresso and dark beer, whipping a pack of rich italian mascarpone cheese and heavy cream, piling all those in a transparent pie plate, just that fun!!
now you know that i'm talking about tiramisu :))

since my husband loves tiramisu, i make that once in a while.
i really don't like this type of rich cake, but it's ok.
why i use dark beer ( i like to use "cimay-blue label" ) instead of some coffe liquor is that he is true mad at craft beer.
so we usually call this cake "beeramisu" not but "tiramisu".
staring and admiring a beautiful cake and his pretty smile, taking some pictures of them, those are all fun!

dear lady finger biscuits,
you're so adorable.
sometimes i fail to make you look so pretty and you look like farmer's fingers, i still love you as such :)
sincerely yours,

March 20, 2009

white tableware

taken with hasselblad-500c

these days i have tried to organize my old photos.
and i came across this picture that was taken about a year ago in san francisco area.
i haven't forgotten this picture since i took it.
as i have been such, i just have left it without touching any.
you might think it is typical or nothing special.
actually, i think so too.
but, i haven't forgotten it any.
this image has stuck in my inner screen.

i don't know why, and i don't think i can give a proper reason for this enough.
only i can say is this, i always love white tablewareware. ( especially those someone has already used and left on a table.)
this kind of image always makes me feel so secured and comfortable.
so i understand why i took this nothing-special-picture.

i think i want to accumulate these images in my mind.
so, at this point of view, i took this picture just for myself.
and if someone who see this picture feels comfortable as i feel, that's simply because he/she has same tendency to feel comfortableness on particular things.
and through this type of steps, we share our artistic sensor.
i don't try to take a picture everyone is gonna like, but want to take a picture that i'll never forget and maybe someone is gonna like.

oops, i'm sorry, this is the place i talk about around the table ;)
excuse me today for talking much about philosophy over photography.
i'm such a person who always and everlastingly think about photography.
sometimes i'm so tired of this, other times just want to share agonies, questions, points of view to make my mind clear.
thank you for listening to my mumble :))

(today, also skip a letter.)

March 16, 2009

mug'n mug

taken with hasselblad-500c

i'm so sorry about having been absent from this place so long.
i had worked so hard on renewing our (me and my photography friend mori's, who is actually my husband) website.
our website's name is " mug'n mug".
we started that place about 1 year ago, 5, may, '08.
while we had been preparing launching our new website 1 year ago, we brainstormed about the name of the place.
we caught up with some interesting ones. ( or i'd say some of them were weired and i don't dare to say about those here ;) )
we finally chose "mug'n mug" as it is, this tells some story about us.

first of all, and most important, it comes from the episode that 2 white mug cups are the first tableware that i bought just after we began our relationship about 16 years ago.
for 16 years, we experienced a lot of things, like 2 years geographically separated realationship because of the graduation from the school and beginning the new start, the mariage, moving from japan to u.s., .... and so on.
and through all of those events, we'd always brought those 2 white mugs with us.
so those are the symbol for our everlasting relationship.

meanwhile, on weekend mornings we like to talk about photography with sipping coffee.
also i personally love to take pictures of a cup of coffee or just an empty mug cup.
all in all, we thought " mug'n mug" is the perfect name for our new endeavor.

i talked kind of long.
anyway i proudly want to introduce our new place to you, friends.
please come by with sipping your coffee :)

(today, no letter. i've already talked the words much love letter like, i think ;) )

March 5, 2009


taken with contax-rts

her name is milk.
she has been with us since 1 and a half months ago.
my husband gave that name to her because he looked her fur pattern as cow's.
she is a little, skinny and light girl.
but, but, she is really a glutton, to my surprise.
i'm afraid that cows could feel embarrassed before her.

anyway, what do you think is she doing around the empty table?

dear milk,
please, please keep yourself from eating something which you suppose to be food, but actually not that.
i'm so fed up with your vomit.
please, please, honey.
sincerely yours, 

March 3, 2009

peanut butter

taken with polaroid

this is my yesterday's lunch.
some sliced apple(red delicious kind), egg salad sandwich with rye bread, soy milk tea(apple cinnamon flavor).
these days i like eating apples with peanut butter.
my favorite is crunchy one.
and i also like its simple ingredient, only peanuts.
dip a sparing amount of butter directly from a jar, spread it over sliced apple.
that simple way, but rich natural taste.

i hesitate to do this in front of my husband.
he doesn't think of this way (directly sticking a butter knife into a jar of peanut butter and spread over apple, then repeat it maybe 7~8 times) cool.
maybe he a lot concerns about a sanitary matter as he was a science student.
well, i really don't matter at all, to be honest, as i was an art student ;)
so this is allowed only for my secret lunch.

dear peanut butter,
i sometimes love you, sometimes don't like you because of your rich flavor.
please allow me of taking such vague attitude toward you.
sincerely yours,

March 2, 2009

a cup of joe

taken with hasselblad-500c

it's march already.
or, at last, i could say that instead of "already".
since i have been waiting for any little signs of spring, even only the character of "march" on my calendar makes me feel a little happy.

it's monday morning.
the beginning of the day, the beginning of the week, the beginning of the month.
it's kind of overwhelming, isn't it?
i'm such in confusion between a bit pleasantness and a lot awkwardness.

so, i decide that i'll take it easy with my daily cup of joe.
i hope you'll do the same :)

dear a cup of joe,
i think i'll write you a love letter again and again.
i hope it doesn't bother you much.
sincerely yours,