March 7, 2011

Past pictures with Pen-FT -vol.2

As I told you last time, here's another 10 of pictures taken with Olympus Pen-FT in early summer of 2009.
They are actually from test rolls for the camera after having gotten it.

When I got these images back from photo service, I wasn't able to like them very much and I've left them till yesterday. (Though some of them were uploaded on either of flickr or blogs.)
Then yesterday, I started to like them when I looked over past pictures and found them from a bunch of past images.
I think you can understand how this sort of things happen.
Just time and the whimsical feeling can bring you this happening.

I took some pictures with Pen-FT recently and I've already had the film developed and seen all the images.
They look way far different from pictures above in color and focus, though I didn't figure out what elements exactly affected it. (But I guess it's maybe because I didn't rely on the light meter of the camera, but trusted on my own sense for exposure, and chose rather medium aperture (like from f4 to f8) to get fairly good range of depth of the field this time.)

I think I'm going to use Pen-FT more often than ever.
Now I don't dislike the pictures Pen-FT renders at all.

Have a nice week, guys. :)


akane said...

These photos don't at all look like the ones developed in a cheap photoshop. They have lovely tones and warmth, totally different from the photos I got developed at some "super-cheap" photoshops! Love them:)

I do hope you all have a lolvely, peaceful weekend. *hug*

Lotte Janssens said...

Dear tomily,
I had to make my blog private because of reasons, so I have to ask everyone's email adress from my bloglist. If I can't invite you, then you can't see my blog anymore. Can you give me your adress please?

thank you very much.

lotte (from belle fleur de lis)